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mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, mono and diglycerides e471

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mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, mono and diglycerides e471

China mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, mono and diglycerides e471 supplier

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JIEJING
Certification: ISO KOSHER HALAL

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Minimum Order Quantity: negotiable
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg bag or drum
Delivery Time: 20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 MT
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Detailed Product Description
E Number: E471 Appearance: Off White Powder

Mono and diglycerides, also called mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, saturated or unsaturated, are a mixture of monoglycerides (commonly with 40-90%) and diglycerides, and also includes minor amounts of triglycerides. It is the most used emulsifier in the food and with the European food additive number E471.


It is available powder form:
mono and diglycerides of fatty acids foods industry application:

1.Noodle product improver (MD-1 type rice noodle product special monoglyceride)

Application on rice noodle products:

The distilled Monoglyceride MG, lecithin, sodium alginate, etc. are used in combination to increase the compactness of the dough and significantly improve the elasticity of the noodles. The noodle products are not easy to mash when boiling, reducing the boiling water It is cloudy and has a good taste when eaten. Instant noodles are added with the distilled glyceryl monostearate, which can promote the wetting and penetration of water, making it easy to eat. The addition of the distilled glyceryl monostearate to rice noodle products can improve water conductivity, increase the whiteness and flexibility of rice noodles, and improve food texture.


E471 on bread
MD-1 type is an important improver and emulsifier for making high-quality bread. Used in conjunction with other improver materials, it can promote the rapid fermentation of bread, improve the dough structure, and extend the shelf life of bread.


2. Cake foaming agent (MD-2 type special monoglyceride for cake oil)

Application on cakes and pastry:

MD-2 is used in contract with emulsifiers such as sucrose ester and propylene glycol alginate;, and can be used as a foaming agent for cakes. MD-2 type can promote the foaming of protein, and can form a "protein-monoglyceride" complex when making cakes, which can effectively help the cake to stir and foam and produce a stable bubble film, thereby producing stable small bubbles and volume Significantly enlarged pastry.


3. Ice cream emulsion stabilizer (MD-3 type strong emulsifying monoglyceride)

Application on ice cream:

MD-3 is an ideal emulsifier for making high-quality ice cream. After adding, the components of the ice cream can be mixed uniformly, the structure is fine and smooth, the puffing is moderate, the mouth melts when tasting, avoids ice crystal formation, and improves the shape retention and storage stability. MD-3 type is equivalent to sodium alginate and pectin, and the effect is better. The addition amount of MD-3 type is about 0.5% of the total weight of ice cream raw materials.


Candy, chocolate emulsifier (MD-3 type strong emulsifying monoglyceride)

Application on candy and chocolate:

Using MD-3 type as emulsifier and plasticizer, adding about 0.5% can prevent butterscotch and toffee from separating oil, improve the moisture resistance of the candy, reduce deformation, prevent sticky paper from sticking to teeth, and improve the taste. Adding 2~5‰ of MD-3 type can prevent sugar crystallization and oil separation, prevent the surface of chocolate from frosting, improve the brittleness of chocolate, and also inhibit the crystallization of chocolate oil, prevent the chocolate from being softened by moisture and heat, which will affect the taste, making the taste more delicate . MD-3 type is a good plasticizer for gums, which can prevent the separation of polyvinyl acetate and ester gums, give gums and bubble gums better softness and plasticity, better chewing taste, and change their extensibility . About 10% of the gum base. Used as aeration agent in inflatable candy.


4. Milk fat beverage additives (MD-4 type hydrophilic monoglyceride)

Application on beverages:

For dairy products such as condensed milk, malted milk extract, cheese, instant whole milk powder, MD-4 type is a good emulsifier and penetrant, which can improve instant dissolution, prevent precipitation, agglomeration, and improve product quality. Powdered oil products such as coffee mate, MD-4 type is its main emulsifier. MD-4 type is added to beverages containing fat or protein, such as soy milk, peanut milk, milk yogurt, cocoa milk, almond milk, soy milk crystals, etc., which can significantly improve solubility and stability, prevent precipitation and separation, and extend shelf life . Ordinary colloidal stabilizers and thickeners are prone to molecular degradation at high temperatures and affect the homogenization effect of beverages. The MD-4 type can withstand high temperature, is suitable for homogenizing pressure, and has better emulsification effect. MD-4 type can also be used to produce emulsified flavors for beverages.


Emulsification stabilizer for edible oils and dairy products (MD-4 hydrophilic monoglyceride)

Application on edible fats and dairy products:

Margarine, shortening, peanut butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, oyster sauce and other products need to add MD-4 type as emulsifier and stabilizer. Add 3~5‰ to adjust the crystallization of oil and prevent oil-water separation and stratification. Occurs and improve the quality of manufactured products. When heating, it will not cause splashing due to excessive concentration of water molecules and violent beating when heated. It can improve the spreadability of meal butter and remove water seepage in hot weather. Can be used as an inhibitor of edible oil crystallization.


5. Biscuit improver (MD-5 high-purity monoglyceride)

Application on cookies:

The MD-5 type with the addition of 5% flour can make the fat and oil be evenly dispersed in the biscuits in an emulsified state, improve the operation performance, improve the structure of the biscuits and cookies, prevent the oil from oozing out, and improve the crispness of the cake products. It can also make the biscuit easy to demould during the production process, the pattern is clear, and it is not easy to break during storage and transportation.


Yeast protectant (MD-5 type high purity monoglyceride)

Protect cell activity:

In the process of processing dry edible yeast, in order to protect the cell viability, MD-5 high-purity monoglyceride can be added as a protective agent.


Spicy puffed food emulsification improver (MD-5 high purity monoglyceride)

Application on puffed food:

Adding MD-5 type to spicy puffed food can effectively control the structure of the puffed noodle product, make the noodle product change, improve the operation performance, increase the product expansion rate, and make the pores uniform and delay hardening.


Fruit preservative (MD-5 high-purity monoglyceride)

Application of preservative:

In the fruit preservative, MD-5 high-purity monoglyceride can be added to improve the preservation effect.


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