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Seaweed Extract

Good quality Propylene Glycol Alginate for sales
Good quality Propylene Glycol Alginate for sales
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Seaweed Extract

China seaweed foliar fertilizer factory

seaweed foliar fertilizer

The seaweed foliar fertilizer main components are liquid seaweed extract, compound with other elements. It is good foliar feed. Using the deep-sea sargasso algae, through an original biological fermentation ... Read More
2021-05-11 09:17:40
China soluble seaweed extract powder factory

soluble seaweed extract powder

Humic acid seaweed extract powder fertilizer, 100% soluble organic seaweed fertiliser Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation uses browns seaweed ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM as raw material to make seaweed extract powder or ... Read More
2021-05-11 09:14:21
China soluble Seaweed extract factory

soluble Seaweed extract

Seaweed extract fertilizer, the appearance is black powder or tablet (snow flake), 100% water soluble. it is made by extracting and refining marine organism seaweed as the main raw material. It is rich in 18 ... Read More
2021-05-11 09:13:18
China water soluble seaweed powder factory

water soluble seaweed powder

Seaweed extract, the appearance is black powder or tablet (snow flakes), 100% water soluble, it is made by extracting and refining marine algae brown seaweed as the main raw material. It is rich in 18 kinds of ... Read More
2021-05-11 09:10:36
China Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder factory

Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder

soluble seaweed extract powder is sold in bulk, the packing can be 20 or 25 sack. The seaweed extract is imported from pure natural sources, the macroalgae produced in the 25-degree latitude north-south cold ... Read More
2021-05-11 09:09:20
China Soluble Seaweed Fertiliser factory

Soluble Seaweed Fertiliser

Bio-organic seaweed fertilizer, Soluble Seaweed Fertiliser, Organic Kelp Fertiliser product information: This organic soluble seaweed fertiliser uses high-quality Atlantic deep-sea phyllocystis as the main raw ... Read More
2021-05-11 09:07:20
China seaweed extract powder for plants factory

seaweed extract powder for plants

seaweed extract powder is a kind of fertiliser for plants, it is extraction of brown seaweed. It is widely used in agriculture. Seaweed extract refers to the use of large algae growing in the ocean as raw ... Read More
2021-05-10 16:46:08
China kelp extract powder factory

kelp extract powder

Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation manufacture and supply premium kelp/Seaweed Extract Organic Water Soluble Fertilizer Strengthen Roots and Promote Seedlings and Increase Yield Organic Water Soluble Fertiliser ... Read More
2021-04-06 11:01:40
China liquid seaweed concentrate factory

liquid seaweed concentrate

liquid Seaweed-Highly Active Biostimulant Promote production, increase output, improve quality, and resist stress It is suitable for all crops, especially suitable for seedlings to grow roots, and plants to ... Read More
2021-04-06 11:00:15
China liquid seaweed fertiliser factory

liquid seaweed fertiliser

seaweed extract liquid fertiliser-Polyphenol flushing fertilization product information: Algatofen is based on the use of biological extraction technology to extract the seaweed active substance essence, ... Read More
2021-04-06 10:59:22
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