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soluble Seaweed extract

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soluble Seaweed extract

China soluble Seaweed extract supplier
soluble Seaweed extract supplier soluble Seaweed extract supplier soluble Seaweed extract supplier soluble Seaweed extract supplier

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JIEJING

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1MT
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 500g/bag, 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000MT
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Detailed Product Description
Organic Matter %: 48.5 Alginic Acid%: 18.2
N%: 1.9 K2O%: 18.1
P2O5%: 0.2 Ph: 7-11

Seaweed extract fertilizer, the appearance is black powder or tablet (snow flake), 100% water soluble. it is made by extracting and refining marine organism seaweed as the main raw material.


It is rich in 18 kinds of protein and amino acids that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants and plant growth regulators (auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, etc.) that have significant effects on plant physiological processes, alginic acid, humic acid, vitamins, nucleosides Acid, plant stress resistance factors and essential elements for plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, boron, etc. All of these biologically active substances are pure natural substances extracted from seaweed, without pungent chemical odor, slightly seaweed smell, and no residue.


Its advantage is the diversity of the effective ingredients of the product, which largely retains the natural biologically active substances in the seaweed that are beneficial to the growth and development of plants and the mineral nutrients absorbed by the seaweed from the ocean, and these substances can be absorbed and utilized by plants.
The effect of seaweed extract


Seaweed extract can make crops mature earlier, increase yield and improve quality, and has obvious effects in fruit preservation and resistance to diseases and insect pests. It can increase production by 10-30%; in flower experiments, it is proved that seaweed fertilizer not only promotes early flowers Opening can also significantly increase the number of flower buds, with an increase rate of 30-60%; experiments in field crops show that the crop yield rate can reach about 30%.

The effects of seaweed extract on plant growth can be summarized as follows: stimulate the germination of new roots, promote the growth of roots, strengthen roots, increase the survival rate of flowers and seedlings, shorten the slow seedling period, and promote new leaves. Germination and growth of new buds.

It can also improve the color of the flowers, enlarge the buds, thick pedicels, and prolong the flowering period. At the same time, highly active natural plant growth stimulating substances enhance plant cell metabolism, stimulate the flower's own immune system, and improve the resistance of flowers and seedlings to high temperature, low temperature, drought and other adversities.


Advantages of seaweed extract manufactured by Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation

1.Comprehensive nutrition. Compared with traditional fertilizers, plants containing a large amount of high active ingredients are easy to absorb. After application, the plants grow well, and lack of nutrients is rare;

2. Activating trace elements, resisting the antagonistic effect of phosphate in the soil on most trace elements, which is beneficial to the absorption of trace elements by plants;

3. The dosage is small, the effect is good, it can strengthen the root system, and improve the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients, water and gas; its root-promoting effect is currently mainly used in ornamental plants: transplanting large trees in landscaping Survival rate, rapid recovery of growth; applied to greening seedlings, transplanting and planting of various types of flowers, cutting propagation and lawn planting, developed root system to form strong seedlings; rescued vulnerable plants (such as ancient and famous trees, dangerous plants), the effect is magical .

4. Enhance plant resistance to stress, increase plant resistance to drought, cold, pests and diseases, etc. Foliar spraying can improve the effect of pesticides;

5. Compared with traditional chemical fertilizers with single fertilizer effect and serious pollution, long-term use will destroy the soil structure, natural seaweed extract is safe, environmentally friendly, effectively improves soil properties, and has no toxic side effects to humans and animals.

Seaweed extract has a wide range of uses. In terms of flowers, seaweed extract is suitable for multi-effect active natural biological nutritious flower fertilizer for gardens, indoor bonsai, and golf course lawns. Make flower nutrition reach the best condition, promote root system development, and improve root vitality.

It is good for flowers to absorb water and nutrients, enhance the resistance of flowers, and improve the resistance of flowers to drought, cold, pests and diseases, etc., so that flowers bloom earlier, increase flowers, prolong flowering, and brighter flowers. Lawn and foliage flowers have more tillers. Lush, dark green color

Jiejing is a leading enterprise with the longest history of the domestic seaweed integrated processing industry. It is the world's largest alginate manufacturer, Asia's largest manufacturer of seaweed active substances, and the only company in China that industrially extracts fucoidan, fucoxanthin, and brown algae polyphenols (BAP).
soluble Seaweed extract
Product categories:
★ Alginic acid and its salts (sodium alginate, calcium, potassium, ammonium), alginic acid derivatives (propylene glycol alginate);
★ Marine biological active substances and marine drugs (fucoidan, fucoxanthin, alginate oligosaccharides, brown seaweed polyphenols);
★ Products and raw materials for the big health industry (seaweed concentrated powder, kelp polysaccharide extraction)
★ Seaweed bio-organic fertilizer and seaweed plant growth agent.
Today I mainly introduce Jiejing Seaweed bio-organic fertilizer and seaweed plant growth agent, because this year we focus on promoting this product to abroad. Jiejing seaweed extract powder fertilizer got highly appraised of farmers in China, and take big market share in Southern China. I believe the quality talks louder.
seaweed extract powder/flakes:
Type A Brown seaweed extract flake: Alginic acid ≥ 8%, K2O ≥ 12%, moisture ≤ 10%, organic matter 40%, PH 8-11.
Type B Brown seaweed extract flake: Alginic acid ≥ 18%, K2O ≥ 18%, moisture ≤ 10%, organic matter 40%, PH 8-11.
Type C Brown seaweed extract powder: Alginic acid ≥ 8%, K2O ≥ 12%, moisture ≤ 10%, organic matter 40%, PH 8-11.
Type D Brown seaweed extract powder: Alginic acid ≥ 18%, K2O ≥ 18%, moisture ≤ 10%, organic matter 40%, PH 8-11.


soluble Seaweed extract




1. 200g/bag*50bags/carton

2. 500g/bag*20bags/carton

3. 10 kg/paper kraft bag

soluble Seaweed extract
seaweed extract powder specification

Inspection Items Standard Requirements Test Result  
Humic Acid % ≥30.0 33.1  
Organic Matter % / 48.5  
Alginate Acid% ≥18.0 18.2  
N% / 1.9  
P2O5% / 0.2  
K2O% ≥18.0 18.1  
N+P2O5+K2O% ≥20.0 20.2  
Insoluble Matter% ≤2.0 0.5  
PH (1:250 dilution) 7.0-11.0 8.0  
As mg/kg ≤10 <10  
Cd mg/kg ≤10 <10  
Pb mg/kg ≤50 <50  
Cr mg/kg ≤50 <50  



soluble Seaweed extract

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