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konjac gum CAS NO.: 37220-17-0, konjac gum powder E425, konjac hydrocolloid

Good quality Propylene Glycol Alginate for sales
Good quality Propylene Glycol Alginate for sales
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konjac gum CAS NO.: 37220-17-0, konjac gum powder E425, konjac hydrocolloid

China konjac gum CAS NO.: 37220-17-0, konjac gum powder E425, konjac hydrocolloid supplier

Large Image :  konjac gum CAS NO.: 37220-17-0, konjac gum powder E425, konjac hydrocolloid

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, HALAL

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg bag
Delivery Time: 20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100000 kg
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Detailed Product Description
Appearance: White Powder Cas No.: 37220-17-0
E Number: E425

konjac gum CAS NO.: 37220-17-0

konjac gum powder E425

Resource scarcity: China is the world's konjac production area. Among them, the Wuling Mountain, Qinba Mountains, and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau account for 70% of global output, which has resource advantages.

Special productivity: gelling, water absorption, film-forming, highly soluble fiber

Wide application fields: food ingredients based on hydrocolloids, health food based on dietary fiber, konjac cleansing sponges based on konjac colloid technology. The uniqueness of konjac makes it widely used and has great potential to be developed and applied. Konjac flour is a food, please feel free to use it!

Adding a proper amount of konjac gum to meat products such as sausages, ham sausages, luncheon meat, fish balls, etc. can play a role in bonding, refreshing and increasing volume; adding konjac gum to meat emulsion can increase the water absorption of the meat emulsion, improve the structure, and enrich Elasticity; Use konjac gum to replace part of the fat in meat products, especially the combination of konjac gum and carrageenan added to low-fat meat emulsion, which can significantly improve the structure of the product and increase the water characteristics, thereby giving low-fat meat emulsion products juicy, The smooth taste meets the requirements of simulating high-fat meat products. Using konjac gum as an extender for ham and sausage and a modifier for adjusting the taste can significantly improve the rate and quality of the product.


Konjac glucomannan has good adhesion, water absorption, water retention, and is used in noodles, dried noodles, instant noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli, pasta, steamed buns, buns, dumplings, bread, cakes, souffles, cookies and others Available in foods such as pastries. Adding konjac flour to bread and steamed buns will increase the porosity and swelling rate, increase the volume, fine and uniform texture, more elasticity, soft and crispy mouthfeel; adding konjac flour to the cake base will prevent the product from leaving slag when eating. Sticky teeth, soft and delicate taste, longer shelf life; adding konjac flour to noodles can prolong storage, increase toughness, improve cooking resistance, reduce the rate of breakage, and not muddy soup; adding konjac flour to baked products can slow down The orderly arrangement of gelatinized starch molecules delays the regeneration of starch, prevents the rapid loss of water, and delays the aging of baked products.


Konjac gum is compounded with carrageenan and used in jelly to improve elasticity. By adjusting the compound ratio of carrageenan and konjac gum, jelly with different characteristics can be made. It has elasticity, good ductility, not easy to break, and the strength of the gel is high regardless of whether sugar is added.


As a dietary fiber, konjac gum can absorb excess fat and increase satiety. However, konjac gum has very low calories, so it can adjust the daily dietary absorption, achieve a balanced diet, and play a healthy weight loss effect.

Konjac gum and guar gum can be used as stabilizers after compounding. No condensation and precipitation, with uniform dispersion characteristics

After konjac gum is compounded with carrageenan or xanthan gum, the viscosity, thick feeling, and gel strength are greatly increased, which can prevent crystallization, increase yield, and maintain a smooth taste.


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