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propylene glycol alginate CAS NO. 9005-37-2

Good quality Propylene Glycol Alginate for sales
Good quality Propylene Glycol Alginate for sales
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propylene glycol alginate CAS NO. 9005-37-2

China propylene glycol alginate CAS NO. 9005-37-2 supplier

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: JIEJING
Certification: ISO, KOSHER, HALAL, BRC

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500kg
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg paper kraft bag
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100MT/month
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Detailed Product Description
CAS NO.: 9005-37-2 E Number: E405
Appearance: Off White Powder Esterification Degree: More Than 85%

Application of propylene glycol alginate CAS NO. 9005-37-2, food additive E405 uses in food:

(1) Application of PGA in bread

Bread has a long history of development. It is deeply loved by consumers for its diverse tastes, easy digestion and absorption, and convenient eating. However, with the extension of bread storage time, it is prone to aging, taste and flavor deterioration, and product shelf life Will be greatly shortened. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of bread and meet the needs of consumers, improver products for improving the quality of bread have emerged. At present, some improvers used in bread are mostly emulsifiers, enzyme preparation oxidants and the like. Studies have shown that hydrocolloids have good application advantages in the baking industry, and propylene glycol alginate is the performance of these hydrocolloids. A superior member.

The main advantages of propylene glycol alginate used in bread products are:

(1) Improve the water absorption of the dough, improve the water retention of baked products, and make the products soft and dry.

(2) Improve dough strength and stability, and significantly improve bread elasticity

(3) Improve the internal structure of the bread, make the structure delicate and enhance the soft taste

(4) Increase the specific volume of bread, improve the proofing and shapeability of bread.

(5) Emulsification stability, reduce water activity, delay starch aging speed, and extend shelf life

(2) Application of PGA in cakes

Cake, as a favorite delicacy, can not only give people visual beauty and enjoyment, but also can be used as a simple expression to give people a warm and sweet heart. And a delicious cake will make your enjoyment and your soul and emotions get a further level of sublimation. Propylene glycol alginate, as a functional food ingredient, can add a layer of moisturizing flavor to your cake on the basis of deliciousness.

The main advantages of propylene glycol alginate used in bread products are:

(1) Improve the water absorption of the dough, improve the water retention of baked products, and make the products soft and dry.

(2) Improve the internal structure of the cake, make the structure delicate and enhance the soft taste.

(3) Increase the specific volume of the cake.

(4) Stability of emulsification, reducing water activity and delaying starch aging speed.

(3) Application of PGA in flour products

At present, the domestic products that apply PGA to noodles are mostly concentrated in some high-end noodles, such as udon noodles, fresh noodles, or products such as quick-frozen hanju, steamed buns, and steamed buns. The advantages of PGA in noodle products are as follows:

(1) PGA can significantly improve the water absorption and stability of the dough

(2) PGA has a better effect on improving the quality of noodles, and the effect is particularly prominent in terms of flexibility.

(3) The improvement effect of PGA on the strengthening, water retention and reduction of starch dissolution rate of flour products is not inferior to other hydrocolloids, and because of its better emulsification and thickening characteristics, it is especially suitable for some flour products containing The oil absorption rate of flour products reduces the rancidity of oil.

(4) Application of PGA in yogurt

At present, yogurt is very popular among consumers as milk with high nutritional value, and yogurt is also one of the important sources of beneficial lactic acid bacteria. Yogurt can be divided into two types, namely coagulation type and stirring type. Both set yogurt and stirred yogurt have their own shortcomings. The texture of the product often deteriorates to varying degrees, or the whey syneresis makes the product bland and tasteless, especially when the set yogurt is spooned out. After a period of time, it is necessary to add a certain amount of safe emulsion stabilizer to the yogurt.

PGA used in yogurt can produce more excellent taste and stability. The advantages are as follows:

(1) PGA can give yogurt products a natural texture and mouthfeel, even under the condition that the added amount of milk solids is reduced.

(2) It can effectively prevent the product from forming an unsightly rough and uneven surface, and make the appearance of the product smooth and shiny.

(3) It is completely integrated with all other ingredients, and can be used in any pH range during fermentation, and it is easy to be evenly dispersed in the yogurt under mild stirring conditions.

(4) It not only acts as a stabilizer in yogurt, but also provides emulsification in yogurt, and can make fat-containing yogurt smooth, round and taste better.

(5) Application of PGA in acidic milk-containing beverages

The formulated acidic milk-containing beverage refers to a milk beverage prepared by adjusting the pH of milk or soy milk to the isoelectric point (pH 4.6 or less) of casein with lactic acid, citric acid or fruit juice.

The application of PGA in acidic milk-containing beverages can:

(1) Stable protein;

(2) Emulsified fat;

(3) Improve the taste; experiments have shown that 0.02% can significantly improve the taste;

(4) Protect aroma; PGA alone is used in acidic milk-containing beverages at 0.3-0.5%. PGA can also be compounded with other stabilizers, including acid-resistant CMC, pectin, etc.

(6) Application of PGA in fruit juice

Juice is a nutritious and delicious food. It is also very popular all over the world. However, it is easy to layer. Often the upper layer is clear and transparent, but the bottom layer is thick pulp sediment, but a small amount of PGA is enough. It greatly alleviates this technical problem, and also has good applications in other aspects of juice.

The application of PGA in fruit juice can:

(1) Improve the stability of the pulp, make the juice thicker and have a better taste;

(2) Keep the juice flavor substances, keep the juice flavor thick and refreshing.

(7) Application of PGA in salad dressing

Salad dressing can provide people with fresh and nutritious special enjoyment. As a stabilizer and emulsifier, propylene glycol alginate can not only provide a pleasing texture of salad dressing, but also provide double emulsification stability and stabilize the suspension of solid particles. Of course, it also plays a role in thickening. Low-fat salad dressing can also provide fat-like properties. PGA used in salad dressing has the following advantages:

(1) PGA can give the salad dressing a rich, soft texture and an emulsifying effect that melts with oil and water. PGA can give full play to its high efficiency and emulsification stability in the salad dressing, making the salad dressing system more uniform and stable.

(2) Provide low-fat salad dressing with fat-like properties.

(3) It can increase the viscosity of the finished product, and it can be used in low-fat salad dressing to make up for the reduced viscosity due to the reduction of fat content.

(4) PGA is different from other water-soluble colloids such as xanthan gum. It can release flavor components very well and will not strongly inhibit the delicate flavor of salad dressing.

(8) Application of PGA in ice cream

Ice cream is deeply loved by consumers for its smooth and delicate structure, compact and soft body, mellow and long-lasting flavor, rich nutrition and cool taste. PGA has a good application in ice cream. Adding only PGA as a stabilizer to ice cream can significantly improve the dispersion of fat and fat-containing solid particles, as well as the taste, internal structure and appearance of the ice cream, as well as the dispersion stability and melting resistance of the ice cream. In addition, PGA can prevent the formation of lactose ice crystals in ice cream.

(9) Application of PGA in beer

The general dosage of beer foam stabilizer is 40~100mg/kg, especially when there are residual fatty substances in the beer bottle, PGA can prevent the foam bursting caused by this phenomenon. The foam holding power of the beer with PGA is obviously improved, the foam is white and delicate, and the cup is long-lasting, while the taste and storage period of the beer will not change.

(10) Application of PGA in other foods

In addition to the effective application of PGA in the above-mentioned types of foods and beverages, it can also be used well in food or food semi-products such as ketchup, yogurt, meat sauce, soy sauce, emulsified flavor, icing and syrup.

Propylene glycol alginate (PGA) can be widely used in various acidic milk-containing beverages with its unique acid resistance and emulsification stability. It has the same opportunities as the yogurt product market. At the same time, it can also be used in coffee mates, In products such as wet noodles, the application prospect is very broad.


Propylene glycol alginate specification:

Appearance Powder
Color White
Taste Neutral
Particle size 80MESH
Viscosity (mpa. s) (1% solution)

LV <150

MV: 150 - 400

HV: >400

Esterification Degree (%) > 85
Loss on drying (%) < 15
PH value 3.4-4.1
Insoluble ash-content (%) < 1.0
As (mg/kg) < 2
Lead (mg/kg) < 5
Mercury (mg/kg) < 1
Cadmium (mg/kg) < 1
Total plate count (cfu/g) < 5000
Yeast & mould (cfu/g) < 500
E.coli Negative in 5g
Salmonella Negative in 10g

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