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Shandong Jiejing seaweed extract marketing forum

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Shandong Jiejing seaweed extract marketing forum
Shandong Jiejing seaweed extract marketing forum

Mutual benefit! This Seaweed Extract Marketing Forum Saves Much Money for Fertilizer Distributors



Seaweed extract, alginate oligosaccharides, brown algae polyphenol, fish proteins are important biological material from marine, when applied to the agricultural sector, they can regulate crop growth balance, improve product and quality. Since the implementation of agricultural green development requirements and food security strategy, the seaweed series products have been favored by fertilizer companies and plantations. On July 27, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation held ‘’ Seaweed Extract Marketing Forum in conference room of Shandong Jiejing Group. Core fertilizer distributors and suppliers and fertilizer manufacturer purchasing departments from all over the country attended the forum and made in-depth exchange and discussion on the application and development of seaweed extract, brown algae polyphenol and alginate oligosaccharide.

Shandong Jiejing seaweed extract marketing forum

Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Is affiliated to Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation, mainly involved in agricultural fields. General Manager Fan Bin said that Jiejing Group is a 53-year history of seaweed processing, and the industry involves pharmaceuticals, food, textile printing, cosmetics, ago chemical industries. The products include sodium alginate, potassium alginate, calcium alginate, propylene glycol alginate, fucoidan, fucoxanthin, alginate oligosaccharide, as well as seaweed extract powder/flake, seaweed extract liquid, brown algae polyphenol concentrate. Various seaweed extracts are widely used in daily life. The main product brown algae polyphenol concentrate promoted at the forum is seaweed extract liquid produced with unique cold cell wall breakage technique and advanced industrial production lines. Jiejing Group hopes to share with fertilizer companies about formulation techniques and make win-win benefits.


At the forum, Shen Hong, a professor of the University of South China Agricultural University, made a speech about "Application of High Active Algae extract liquid on Crops yield improvement." He pointed out that crop growth needs to take into account illumination, temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen, moisture and soil, etc. A variety of active substances in seaweed includes polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, polyphenols, plant hormones, and pigments, which play an important role in growth promoter or stress resistance . Algae extracts are applied to the field of agriculture, which can promote growth, induce roots, promote flowering, controversy, sweetness, anti-disease resistance, etc.. It is suitable for various growth stages of plant. Through the efficacy comparison of seaweed extract liquid fertilizer in different crops such as oranges, strawberry, mango, rice, it approved the effect of algae extract formulation with NPK, polypeptide amino acid, and yellow rot can play significantly improved effect of fertility.

Shandong Jiejing seaweed extract marketing forum

The seaweed extract such as alginate oligosaccharide and brown algae polyphenols is based on marine algae as raw materials, produced with biotechnology or special biochemical technology, and there are also many features in crops including antioxidation, coordination of velocity distribution, increase plant nutrient absorption, and the market potential is huge. Han Xiaoyang, Shandong Agricultural University, demonstrated his experiment about “brown algae polyphenols on the growth and development of tea trees under low temperature condition” and “different concentrations of alginate oligosaccharide on cherry yield and quality ”. The participants visually recognize the excellent effects of seaweed extract in promoting seed germination and seedling growth, enhance crop yield and quality and strong stress resistance."


A large number of compound experiments of the brown algae polyphenol confirmed that the seaweed extract liquid can be compounded with agrochemicals such as specific amino acids, humic acid, macro, medium and trace elements." During the meeting, Fan Bin demonstrated the application of alginate oligosaccharide and brown algae polyphenol through compound experiments, which let participants have more detailed understanding of brown algae polyphenol and alginate oligosaccharide.


After having an in-depth understanding of the seaweed extract, company representatives started sign to order. Fan Bin said that through this event, the Jiejing Group's seaweed fertilizer business is further improved with the multi-distribution model combined with traditional distribution and terminal direct sales, user direct supply. Jiejing will continue to promote the manufacturer's strategic cooperation and play both parties in new products, , agricultural services and brand promotion, and contributes for agricultural green development.

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