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Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation opens a new era of seaweed fertilizer manufacturers

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Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation opens a new era of seaweed fertilizer manufacturers
Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation opens a new era of seaweed fertilizer manufacturers

Seaweed is rich in protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, fatty acids, etc. It has high edible, medical, industrial and other uses, and has high value. What are the seaweed extracts? What are the main active ingredients? What role can the active ingredients of seaweed extract play in the agricultural field?


Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation opens a new era of seaweed fertilizer manufacturers
Speaking of China's seaweed comprehensive processing industry, the company with the longest development is definitely Shandong Jiejing Group Co., Ltd. As a marine real economy enterprise in the new era, since its establishment in 1968, Jiejing Group has always focused on the in-depth research, development and application of seaweed. In 2017, Jiejing Group specially established Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Company to manufacture seaweed extracts used in agricultural fertilizers.


Fan Bin introduced that Jiejing Group integrates marine biology, food, health products, import and export trade, foreign investment and scientific research and development. In the half-century of development history, Jiejing Group has always focused on the in-depth research and development and application of seaweed, producing alginate, marine functional products, marine biological medicine, marine biological active substances, marine biological fertilizers and other series of products.


"In 2017, Jiejing Group established Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which specializes in marine bioengineering new products, new technology development and scientific and technological achievements application and transformation research. The group puts the promotion of technological innovation in a prominent position, compared with the advanced international seaweed industry. Level, national blue economy, emerging marine industry planning, combined with independent innovation system construction and quality and efficiency, new and old kinetic energy conversion strategy deployment to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, promote the transformation of results, cultivate new growth kinetic energy, and improve enterprise viability and development capabilities And competitiveness, accelerate innovation-driven development, and provide strong support for the steady development of enterprises." Fan Bin told reporters that seaweed extract contains a variety of ingredients, including growth-promoting substances and anti-stress substances. Jiejing Group focuses on the deep processing of seaweed. Its products involve four major sectors: medical, food, industry and agriculture. It focuses on the development of marine biology, marine medicine, agriculture and health. In terms of production technology, Jiejing Group has broken Foreign countries have monopolized the industrialization of the physical extraction of seaweed ingredients, using low-temperature physical wall breaking, countercurrent extraction and other technologies. The production process does not damage the activity of chemicals and does not add any additives. The entire industry chain can ensure that all kinds of biological stimulating substances are fully retained. And the product has passed 1000 mesh ultrafiltration, the quality is very stable, suitable for industrial applications.


Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation opens a new era of seaweed fertilizer manufacturers

"In 2014, Jiejing Group began to enter the agricultural sector, fully integrating the extraction technology of marine active substances, using its unique physical wall breaking and countercurrent extraction technologies to combine high-active ingredients with foliar fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, and trace elements. Applied to cash crops such as fruit trees and vegetables, Jiejing Group’s brown algae polyphenols, brown algae oligosaccharides, and polysaccharide preparations are brilliant in agricultural applications." When it comes to Jiejing’s entry into the agricultural sector, Fan Bin said, Heng Tai is the independent agricultural brand of Jiejing Group, and it is the key development project of Jiejing. The advantages of the project are mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the basic guarantee. Taking advantage of Jiejing Group's superior resources and advanced R&D platform, it actively researches and develops seaweed fertilizer products; second, it has a solid market foundation. Jiejing Group has relatively rich production experience, and uses these experiences to transform resources into more high-quality products, and then become bigger and stronger for the benefit of the people.


Fan Bin emphasized that the focus of Jiejing Group has always been on R&D and production. The core resources and advanced raw materials are allocated through industrialization to increase the cost of the product, and finally become a preparation product. Through cooperation with fertilizer companies, the product will be applied. Contribute to the green development of agriculture in terms of improving soil and crop quality.


Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation opens a new era of seaweed fertilizer manufacturers


"In the new era, the majority of Jiejing people will advance with the times, take the initiative to adapt to and grasp the new economic normal, implement the new development concept, firmly build the belief in building a century-old factory, forge a new voyage in the blue ocean economy, and grasp the high quality of the ocean economy. Opportunities for development and conversion of new and old kinetic energy, promote the construction of smart factories, improve the level of green manufacturing, and develop into the fields of marine biomedicine, health, and agriculture." When it comes to the future, Jiejing people are full of confidence.


Shandong Hengtai Marine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. operates the "Yusen" series of seaweed fertilizers, including bio-organic fertilizers, microbial agents, seaweed extracts, brown algae oligosaccharide series water-soluble fertilizer products, and brown algae polyphenol series water-soluble fertilizer products, which improve soil and promote growth. , Improve quality, increase fertilizer efficiency, etc. to provide care and nutrition for crops in all aspects. Now we welcome all seaweed fertilizers distributors, retailers, importers, wholesalers for enquiry in the world.

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