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Fucoidan can improve diabetes and kidney disease

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Fucoidan can improve diabetes and kidney disease
Fucoidan can improve diabetes and kidney disease

The kidney is an important excretion organ in the human body. It is mainly responsible for filtering blood, eliminating toxins and excess water, and maintaining the stability of the environment in the body. However, with the change of people's lifestyle and the intensification of environmental pollution, the incidence of kidney disease has increased year by year, which seriously endangers human health. Therefore, how to protect kidney health has become the focus of public attention.
Fucoidan can improve diabetes and kidney disease

Fucoidan, also known as brown algae polysaccharide sulfate, is a natural marine biological active substance, mainly derived from large brown algae (kelp, laminaria, kunbu, etc.). It has significant biological activity and is widely used in functional food, dietary supplements and other fields. In recent years, more and more studies have shown that fucoidan has the effect of protecting the health of the kidneys and attracted widespread attention.

How fucoidan protect kidney health?

As a natural active substance, fucoidan's effect of protecting kidney health is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

Protect kidney from damage

The kidney is an important excretion organ in the human body and is easily damaged by many factors, such as inflammation and oxidation stress. Fucoidan has significant anti -inflammatory and antioxidant activity, which can reduce the renal of oxidative stress and inflammatory response, thereby protecting the kidneys from damage. (Source: Journal of Animal Nutrition, 2022.34 (8).)

Reduce urine protein concentration

Urine protein is one of the important indicators to evaluate renal function. Studies have shown that fucoidan can reduce the concentration of urine protein and reduce the burden on the kidneys. The reduction of urine concentration helps to reduce the progress of kidney lesions and improve the quality of life of patients. (Source: Scientific Reports. 2016, 6: 31759-31768)

Improve renal function indicators

Fucoidan has a certain improvement of kidney function in patients with renal failure. Studies have shown that taking fucoidan can effectively reduce renal function indicators such as urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, and improve the quality of life of patients. In addition, fucoidan can also play its role in protecting the renal function by regulating the body's immune function and promoting renal tube repair (Source: Clinical Nephrology Magazine, June 2005, Volume 5, No. 3, 135- 138.).​

Treatment of diabetic nephropathy

Fucoidan, a sulfuric acidized polysulse of brown algae, mainly composed of sulfacted fucose. Studies have shown that fucoidan has the activity of treating diabetic nephropathy and delaying chronic renal failure. (Source: SCI. Rep. 7, 40183; Doi: 10.1038/SREP40183 (2017).)

How to better play the effect of fucoidan

In order to better give play to the protective kidney health effect of fucoidan, the following measures can be taken:

Active intake of fucoidan

By consumption of brown algae rich in fucoidan, such as kelp and laminaria japonica, an appropriate amount increases the intake of fucoidan.

Maintain good living habits

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as regular schedule, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, etc., helping to reduce the risk of kidney disease.

Actively treat kidney disease

For patients with kidney diseases, they should be treated under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, they can be consumed by eating foods rich in fucoidan to alleviate the condition and protect kidney health.

As a natural active substance, fucoidan has broad application prospects in protecting kidney health. By taking appropriate fucoidan, maintaining good living habits, and active treatment of kidney diseases, it will help improve the health level of the kidney and reduce the occurrence and development of kidney disease.

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