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Fucoidan and stomach health: physical adsorption, protecting the stomach from its roots

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Fucoidan and stomach health: physical adsorption, protecting the stomach from its roots
Fucoidan and stomach health: physical adsorption, protecting the stomach from its roots

"Nine gastric diseases in ten people", gastric disease is one of the most common diseases in life, the incidence rate is showing a rapid increase trend, and the trend of younger people is obvious. Statistics from the World Health Organization in recent years have found that the incidence of gastric disease in the population is as high as 80%, and it is increasing at an annual rate of 17.43%. Therefore, how to protect the health of the stomach is not only a health concern for consumers, but also the direction of the efforts of enterprises and many scientists.


Fucoidan is the main function of calming and nourishing the stomach. Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation., as the first factory in China to produce and extract fucoidan, is constantly committed to providing high-quality and high-purity fucoidan to the international market. Fucoidan can be widely used in functional foods such as solid beverages, tableted candies, liquid beverages, jellies, biscuits, dairy products, etc. It not only attracts mainstream consumers with its booming functional demand and the advantages of natural ingredients and homology of medicine and food, but also It can alleviate consumers' growing fatigue from tablets and their psychological resistance to traditional medicines that are "three-part poison".


Application areas: functional foods, health foods, special medical foods, dietary supplements, meal replacement products, fast-moving foods, pet foods, etc.
Application forms: solid beverages, liquid beverages, capsules, granules, tablets, gel bars, etc.


Nowadays, as consumers' health awareness becomes stronger, there are more stringent purchasing standards for the health attributes of products. Fucoidan originates from deep-sea brown algae, and mainly exists in the surface mucus of brown algae, such as kelp, mozuku and wakame spore leaves. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are applied during the growth process, so it has a natural growth environment that is more advantageous than terrestrial plants, and it is safer and healthier in product application.


Fucoidan and stomach health: physical adsorption, targeting quietness, protecting the stomach from its roots

Scientific research shows that fucoidan has the effect of eliminating Helicobacter pylori and protecting the gastric mucosa. Helicobacter pylori is the only microorganism known to survive in the human stomach. Western blot (Western blot) results showed that the surface of Helicobacter pylori contained fucoidan-binding protein, and no other polysaccharide-binding proteins were found. Fucoidan, which has both a sulfate group and fucose, has a strong ability to bind Helicobacter pylori, can entrap Helicobacter pylori and excrete it with normal metabolism, inhibit its adhesion to gastric mucosal epithelial cells, and repair damaged stomach The mucous membrane enhances its immunity and inhibits the re-invasion of Helicobacter pylori.


Seven advantages of fucoidan extracted by Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation:

√Natural brown algae, raw materials directly harvested: Fucoidan is extracted from high-quality brown algae directly harvested from sea areas;

√High purity: produced by the "dynamic countercurrent" technology independently, the product purity is more than 90%;

√High stability of functional groups: patented technology to ensure the stability of functional groups of fucoidan;

√High content of functional groups: fucose content is more than 20%, and sulfuric acid group content is more than 25%;

√High safety: Independent research and development of deiodine and heavy metal removal technology;

√Good flavor and taste: the raw materials are desalted and deodorized, and can be matched with other ingredients, the flavor is not reduced, and the effect is increased;

√Wide application: It can be used in functional foods, health foods, special medical foods, dietary supplements, meal replacement powders, fast-moving foods, etc.


Stomach health, innovative products

Looking at the changes in the consumer market over the years, we can find that irrelevant consumption upgrades, health booms, and stomach health are always the top 5 health problems that consumers are concerned about and need to be solved urgently. Stomach-protecting products cover all aspects from daily diet to Chinese and Western medicine. However, functional foods that are more effective than daily diets and more soothing than medicines have become more and more "intermediate" foods that consumers are willing to choose and insist on eating. Plant extracts and ingredients of medicinal and edible ingredients are especially popular.

Although now in the United States, Japan and South Korea, fucoidan has become the new favorite raw material for high-end health products. But we are even more expecting that in the future, the globel will have more and more fucoidan products to benefit consumers' health.

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